ATTUNE Coaching Program

1 month program - 2 sessions

The ATTUNE personal development program is a quick and powerful program that helps you to clarify a topic that is important to you, and align yourself to a set of objectives that will bring about sustainable change. 

  • Session 1 - A conversation to learn more about your unique way through a topic that is important to you.  
  • Session 2 - You will receive a customized coaching program that includes the following:
    • A road map to move from how you are currently experiencing your topic to where you want to be. 
    • A set of three personalized developmental objectives that offer a framework for your personal development.
    • A custom-designed exercise that will develop your level of awareness and set you on the path to change. 

Note:   Conversations take place face-to-face, or on Skype or Zoom.


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