EMBODY Coaching Program

Nine Months, 18 sessions

The EMBODY program includes both the ATTUNE and INTEGRATE programs and allows the experience to deepen over a nine-month period. This coaching program is extensive, customized and offers clients a path to deep and sustainable change. The relationship that we develop of these nine months will really help to get to the core of what is standing in your way, and replace it with a new way that helps you to feel much more successful. This program is all about embodiment. 

  • A custom-designed program to help you achieve the results you seek. 
  • A set of three developmental objectives that are informed by an in-depth assessment of your unique way.
  • Bi-monthly sessions  (as well as email 'check ins' as required). 
  • Personalized practice to help build 'muscles' needed to be successful and achieve results. 
  • Accountability and support to progress through the coaching program and reach your goals.

Note: Sessions can be in person (Calgary), or via Skype or Zoom.