Project inward

Encourage your students and teachers to be more mindful with Project Inward.

Imagine giving everyone at school a bit more time.

Time to reflect. Time to connect to inner wisdom. Time to create deeper awareness. Project Inward is a mindfulness program specifically developed for senior high school students and their teachers. It combines coaching theory with mindfulness best practices to bring confidence and clarity at a time when there is a lot of uncertainty. 

The goal of the program is to encourage your grade 11 and 12 students and their teachers to slow down, achieve greater wellness and clarity, and to be more intentional in their life choices.

Project Inward can help students and educators to:

  • Feel more balanced

  • Live a healthier life

  • Be more purposeful & authentic

  • Connect more deeply in all relationships

Tailor Project Inward to meet your school’s specific needs.

No two students are the same. The same is true of teachers, schools, administrators and parents. That’s why I’ve developed Project Inward as a consultative service I offer individual schools. It can truly be whatever you need.

For Project Inward I work with your individual school to deliver mindfulness and wellness programs in a way that will work for your students, your faculty, your parents and your community. Your school’s program will be designed to promote mindfulness, wellness, inward reflection, and a slower pace. 

Some of the Project Inward options I’ve put together include:

  • Mindful Visioning Retreats

  • Student Workshops (for stress management, mindfulness and wellbeing)

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Coach in Residency

  • Professional Development Workshops (for stress management and mindfulness)

Are you ready to bring mindfulness and envisioning to your independent school?

The first step toward creating an improved future is developing the ability to envision it.
— Tony Dungy