The art of slowing down

Get the tools you need to be more mindful and feel less stress in your day-to-day life. 

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There is no denying that we live in a culture of busyness, distraction and speed. Life is moving fast, and it may feel like it is almost impossible to find a moment to breathe. Know that you are not alone. So many of us are feeling overwhelmed and overburdened by everything that we need to do.  Some days we are barely scraping by in our own lives.

This 6-week online course is about reclaiming a life that is rightfully yours. It is about reconnecting to yourself in a way that feels intentional and in control. It is about doing the work needed to increase your sense of presence so that you are able to be present for this one precious life you have been given. 

The curriculum combines neuroscience research, guided meditations and coaching theory to help you realize a life that feels less stressful and more intentional. This course is about making lasting change in your life, in a way that feels authentic and sustainable.

    In The Art of Slowing Down, you will: 

    • Explore how meditation and mindfulness can be used as a tool for replenishment and health
    • Develop an awareness about your current way of being and how you currently use, protect and rejuvenate your energy sources
    • Learn to use visioning as a tool for imaging a new way of being in the world
    • Identify key systems and structures to support your ability to access a new, slower and more intentional way of being in the world

    Are you ready to work to create to a slower, more intentional life?

    To the mind that is still, the world surrenders.
    — Taoist saying