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A Solstice Reboot - Retreat. Rejuvenate. Recalibrate.


About the Retreat

The word solstice comes from the latin words ‘sol’ (sun) and ‘sistere’ (causing to stand still). With the sun holding its place in the sky, it is a powerful time for retreat and recalibration. It is a time of celebration, of honouring the light and the connection that we have with ourselves and our environment. During this retreat, you will be given the space to slow down…pause, reflect and reconnect through stillness, meditation, contemplation, creativity and connection to nature. You will also learn how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life. The summer solstice is the perfect time to tap into your inner power, connect to others and re-energize your attention and intention to the things that matter most.

This day will be a mix of time inside and outside. The day will start our day indoors at the SpiritWood Retreat Centre, but we will be spending a good portion of the day outside...where we can take advantage of the beautiful setting at the SpiritWood Retreat Centre.