“I had the honour of working with Julie as an executive coach. She was able to quickly understand and appreciate my working environment and provide excellent insight into how to confidently approach various aspects of senior executive challenges. She is a compassionate listener who is truly “present” to help guide and support navigation through the challenging and mostly uncontrollable life of the leadership and management community.”

Trevor Kraus

Director General, Canadian Government

“Through my professional and personal life, I have connected with many great leaders and mentors that help shape my world and perspective. Julie Murray's coaching and mindfulness serve me every day. Julie reminds us of who we really are in this moment. With that reminder, I experience what is true for me now. I encourage you to bring Julie Murray's skills into your life.”

David Savage

Author, Speaker, Consultant, Coach

Ken Wylie

Author, IFMGA Mountain Guide, Adventure Life Coach

“As a coach Julie Murray has a rare gift. She is able to remain present and listen deeply to what is being said and felt, which allows her to respond to her client from a place of authenticity and creativity. Julie uses her training as a coach to support but not replace wisdom. She works from a deep resonant compassion that has allowed me to work on myself from a place of acceptance. She often uses examples of her own journey to facilitate understanding and to show that she too walks the difficult and rewarding path. As a facilitator, I know what good coaching looks and feels like and Julie is the best coach I have worked with.”

I’m proud to have worked with people, in person and online, to help them find the power of pause.

“Julie worked with me to create a set of Developmental Objectives for my professional goals. Through bi-weekly "practices", subtle shifts occurred. I looked forward to our sessions, knowing that Julie would be there to cheer on my accomplishments. Her focus and enthusiasm kept me inspired! Looking back, the changes have been tremendous and the skills I acquired transfer over to my personal life as well. If you are interested in self-development, I would highly recommend Julie.” 

Nadine Kallen

Director, Kallen Printing

Melanie Thiessen

Web Developer

“Working with Julie has been life changing for me. Her coaching style is very fluid and she always comes from a place of understanding. She creates a safe environment to explore your goal and works with you to get there. I recommend her to everyone.” -

“Mentors like Julie do not come around very often. Julie’s innate ability to coach one’s soul, along with her infamous laugh, now help me navigate the next step in my career. I recommend Julie to any organization, or being, who want to become more mindful, present and purposeful in their approach to life and work.” -

Kira Spence

Owner, Peak Academics

Andrea K.

In-house Counsel

"Julie was a delight to work with. Her professional approach and intuitive manner created a comfortable space for me to explore and evolve my leadership style. I learned more about myself through the coaching process than I had ever expected."

"Julie is marvelous. Her style of coaching using the Integral method is  incredibly powerful and transformative. I came to Julie with what I thought was a simple objective; but through the months of coaching, I discovered complex layers behind my stated objective. My perspectives on just about everything expanded. Julie helped me understand myself better. She showed me how to connect to the present moment, and listen to my inner voice (something that we all too easily brush =aside and ignore in our hectic lives); this is a lesson I have taken to heart. I am so grateful that Julie helped me channel my creativity more consistently, and integrate it into my daily life."

Noreen Samra

Partnership & Funder Relations, CAWST

Dana Corkey

Director of Creative Strategy, Kayak Online Marketing

"As a newly single mom with two children, I really struggle with finding time for myself. I’m so glad that I found out about Julie’s retreats and have made going to them a priority. I’ve attended two so far. And I can honestly say the retreats were incredibly restorative and eye opening for me. And their lessons are present with me always."

“It was a great opportunity to slow down, reconnect with what was most important in my life, and be prompted with questions surrounding my current path. Julie has a beautiful way of engaging her audiences in a variety of creative, fun and meaningful ways.”

Retreat Participant

The Art of Slowing Down

Retreat Participant

The Art of Slowing Down

“It’s an amazing opportunity to escape and reflect about where you are in your life. Julie lead us in an experience of mindfulness so that I could reconnect with myself and build a foundation that I will continue to build on in the coming months and years.”

There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.
— Mahatma Gandhi